Poseidon X-Stream Deep Set (1st stage, 2nd stage, Octo, Gauge, Adaptor)

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The regulator of choice for demanding divers using air, nitrox, trimix or oxygen. Outstanding performance and certified to 200 meters / 656 feet. US Navy's preferred choice for cold water diving.

Materials: Durable PCS housing with metal mechanism and rubber parts.

• Trimix, nitrox, oxygen and air
• 95% Helium mix could be used
• 100% O2 Certified
• 200 m / 656 ft  approval Norwegian Norsok U101 standard
• Approved to cold water standard, EN250
• Approved for use under ice down to -1,6 °C / 29.12 °F without CWD kit
• Unique internal Thermo Dynamic Anti-freeze system (TDA)
• 5 LP and 2 HP-ports
• 2nd stage could be used either from left or right
• Upstream 2nd stage valve
• Low WOB - Servo assisted