SUPE PV 22 Video Light

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SUPE Scubalamp PV22 LED Photo/Video Light - 2,000 lumens

PV22 is a compact & easy carrying photography focus light. 2000lumens for wide angle 110 degree

Mode: On->High(2000lumens at 150mins) -> Low(1000lumens at 300mins)->red >Off. 
Working Voltage: 2.7-4.5V
Compatible Battery: 1*26650 battery.  
Depth Rating at 100M
Beam angel: wide angle at 110 degree.
Color Temperature: 5600K  
Color Rendering Index(CRI): 83
Patented side switch for non-visual, one-handed torch operation.
Power indicator at button switch: Green(power>70%)-> yellow (>30%)->Red (<30%)
High grade Aviation Aluminium Alloy with Military Oxidation III grade casing
for hardiness and anti corrosive in Sea water
Internal circulation conduction to reduce corrosion of the body.
Colour : Black
Dimension : Length 131mm x 32.5mm(body)x41mm(head)
Weight : 156g(Underwater)