Seac Mantra Mask Frameless Mask For Snorkeling & Diving

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The Seac Mantra Mask is a bright frameless mask with a single lens to let plenty of light in. The skirt is made from liquid silicone to make it softer and more pliable to fit more face shapes without leaving a red mark. The 3D buckle gives more flexibility to the strap so it can be fitted where you prefer without applying too much pressure to any one place.

* Available in 2 sizes ( Small and Large) Large fits adult standard faces; Small fits adult narrorw and small faces.
* Frameless Mantra Mask offers you extreme comfort with an eye catching design
* Tempered glass lens
* Perfect seal skirt
* 3D buckle
* Soft silicone strap
* Anatomic skirt in high-quality liquid silicone
* Ample field of vision
* Low Volume Design
* Anatomic & Comfortable liquid silicon skirt
* 3D Buckle System
* COLORS: Blue, Yellow and Pink

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