Seac LIQUID Snorkel

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The Seac Liquid snorkel is made from 100% High Quality Liquid Silicone. The tube is designed to ensure excellent breathing and allow the quick and effective expulsion of water. The silicone material makes this the perfect choice for stowing in a pocket due to the silicone is the only material that does not change its characteristics and behaviour with the temperature and it is the only material that has memory to return to its original shape even after being deformed for long periods. Specifically for fishing and diving.

  • Ultra-flexible tube with shaping memory
  • Ergonomic, hypoallergenic mouthpiece for comfortable fit
  • Differentiated cross section for easy breathing and quick water expulsion
  • 100% liquid silicone doesnt change characteristics in cold temperatures
  • Folds up easily for storage without losing its original shape