Scubapro MAKO Dive Knife

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Better to have a knife and not need it, than to need a knife and not have it. At the same time, you don't want to swim around with a Samurai sword strapped to your leg. This is where the MAKO excels. It is compact enough to easily strap to a leg or forearm or mount on a BCD, yet its large enough to hold onto with confidence when it's time to do some cutting. The MAKO’s multi-function blade has a serrated edge for sawing through rope, a conventional edge for making clean slicing cuts, a line-cutting notch, and a bottle opener. The Tanto tip, with its angled shape, is one of the strongest knife points available and, combined with the different blade edges, makes the MAKO an excellent general-purpose dive knife.

  • Conventional edge slices easily through numerous materials.
  • Serrated edge is ideal for sawing through heavier ropes and branches.
  • Line-cutting notch is able to handle small rope and fishing line.
  • Bottle opener is provided for after-dive convenience.
  • Knife handle offers plenty of gripping area as well as a thumb guard to keep the knife from slipping.
  • Sheath's unique locking mechanism allows for one-hand release.
  • Includes kit for mounting knife onto a BCD.
Type Fixed
Blade Material 304 Stainless/ 
Alpha (Hardened )Titanium
0.45 lb
Activity Recreational
Blade Type Serrated, Smooth
Tip Style Tanto
Line Cutter Yes
Sheath Locking
Blade Length
3.5 in
Blade Length
8.9 cm