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The streamlined design of the black Problue 'Tiara 2' snorkel makes it an ideal snorkel for freediving, spearfishing and scuba diving. The elliptical shape also eliminates the snorkel vibrating during freediving ascents and descents and while scuba diving in strong currents.

Features of the Problue 'Tiara 2' snorkel:

  •  The Problue 'Tiara 2' snorkel is made from high-quality durable plastic and silicone. The lower portion adjoins the mouthpiece is made from flexible corrugated silicone and has a swivelling mouthpiece to allow easy mouth access when attached to the mask strap of the Problue 'Tiara' mask.
  • The swivel mouthpiece on the Problue 'Tiara 2' snorkel allows the wearer to adjust the angle of the mouthpiece for individual preferences.
  • The main tube of the snorkel is made from durable, flexible plastic that can be bent to a 180-degree kink and quickly flexes back to its original shape, allowing for compact storage in a BCD pocket or kit bag.
  • The tube is also elliptical, reducing drag in the water and allowing a streamlined fit along the side of the wearers head.
  • The purge system on the Problue 'Tiara 2' snorkel is small and discreet in-line purge which is very low profile in design eliminating jaw fatigue. It provides an easy and efficient exhaust, ensuring a no water is retained after purging.
  • The purge valve features an inverted external cupped end and self- draining chamber which ensures there is no post-purge influx of water.
  • The popular snorkel features a 2-piece quick-release swivel buckle system that allows the snorkel to be attached to the mask straps independently and with ease, avoiding any annoying fiddle with rigid clips before getting in the water. Once separated, one part stays on the snorkel tube and the second part remains on the mask strap.
  • The snorkel features a removable soft silicone comfo-bite mouthpiece that provides maximum comfort and reduces jaw and mouth fatigue during a prolonged session due to the comfy ergonomic design.