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The Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquid Skin Mask has a new bi-silicone skirt which is made to fit almost any face. The liquid skin silicone skirt is thinner and softer to mould to your face and create one of the best seals for more face shapes.


LiquidSkin Skirt

Mares LiquidSkin Skirts use two types of silicone; a firmer portion to support the shape and structure of the mask to prevent distortion at depths and a softer portion around your face for a great fit.

45% softer and 270% more elastic, the soft silicone in contact with your face spreads the pressure to reduce red marks and moulds to the shape of your face for a better fit.


Increased Field Of Vision

Mares have increased the Field Of Vision by making small adjustments to the mask for a 20% increase so your can see more of the underwater world.


X Strap

Using the same bi-silicone materials as the skirt the mask strap features a X shape at the back to keep the shape and spread the pressure around the back of your head.