KZM Geopath 4-5 Person Tent

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Geopath, a large and high-class tent with Oxford fabric, it is easy to install,airy rooms with wide ceiling windows, and four sides open-able structure. This tent stands out to its convenience and function. It is designed to be installed quickly and easily by adopting vertical poles. Teflon coating boasts high light-shielding power and waterproofing power. By applying inner tent of dark tone, you can sleep lightly by double blocking light.

  • Brand: KZM
  • Material:
    1) Main tent-150D P/OXF PU 3000mm W/R UV TEFLON coating
    2) Roof-150D P/OXF PU 3000mm W/R UV TEFLON coating
    3) Inner tent-68D P/T 2000mm W/R BR / Floor-150D P/OXF PU 2000mm W/R
    4) Ground Sheet-150D P/OXF PU 1500mm W/R / Pole-Main : AL Ø19
    5) Front&back, Center, Main connection : AL Ø16 / Canopy : AL Ø16
  • Component : Main tent, Inner tent, Roof, Ground sheet, Main poleX2ea,Main    connection pole, Front&back poleX2ea, Center pole, Canopy poleX2ea,Steel      pegX20ea, StringX6ea, Storage Bag
  • Weight: 23Kg
  • Size : Tent- 560x320x210cm / Storage- 74x37x37cm /
    Inner- 300(250)x225x185cm