IST R-860 YOKE Flagship Diaphragm Regulator

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This latest regulator set from IST is not only feature-packed and capable of handling a high work load, it can also be used in both warm and cold water conditions.

CE mark certified



• It has a high-flow, fast-acting valve system that is capable of delivering large amount of breathing gas in an instant, irrespective breathing demand, cylinder pressure or depth. It has not only passed the stringent CE test but the performance is comparable with the best available.

• 4 intermediate pressure ports (located in the swivel turret) and 2 high pressure ports.

• Available with YOKE or 300BAR DIN (G5/8) connector.

• Anti-freeze models are available Separately.

• Inter. pressure setting @ 9.5~10.0 bar (137~145psi)

• Ventilation rate @ 206 bar (3000psi): 3820L / min. (135 cuft / min.)



The O60 second stage is equipped with a metal balancing tube and an adjustment knob. They are able to meet heavy breathing demand with ease and in extremely cold water they also act as heat sink to prevent icing.

• Ease of breathing is achieved by a purposely shaped housing interior, which is designed to create a pressure drop in the area just before the mouthpiece. This means air gets pulled towards the diver’s mouth directly after leaving the valve.

• The volume of air leaving the valve can be fine-tuned by the adjustment knob on the side of the O60 at any time so the diver can choose to to breathe conservatively, or to open the valve up for more air in physical demanding situations.

• The pre-dive / dive switch next to the adjustment knob prevents the valve from freeflowing while on the surface.

• The second stage comes with our high-spec, large bore intermediate pressure hose (max. service pressure @ 34.5 BAR / 500psi) which flows sufficient breathing air even when the demand is heavy.

• Cracking pressure setting @ 0.8 ~ 1.2 inch of water

• Flow rate @ 206 bar (3000psi): 30+ cu ft / min

• Max service intermediate pressure @ 10 bar (145psi)