Grays GR 10000 Jumbow Composite Hockey Stick

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The Grays GR 10000 Jumbow is part of their Graphene range which is offers a high power rating while maintaining a soft feel.

It has been developed by precisely combining the highly successful GX series with new GR technology. Players will have all the durability and playability of the GX with the extra power from the graphene.

The Grays GR Jumbow offers

  1. High power rating balanced with excellent control
  2. Jumbow blade is excellent for hitting, long aerials and goal shooting
  3. Graphene offfers powerful energy transfter and shock absorbing properties
  4. Thicker and fuller stick body compared to a Probow

Hockey sticks in the Grays Graphene GR range offer exceptional feel, power and playability.

The Grays GR 10000 consists of approximately 100% Carbon, along with other materials such as Graphene, Kevlar, Aramid and/or other Resins – to complete the unique Grays Stick composition that players all over the world love to use.