DoD USA Sierra Family

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A family camping Sierra cup set with the DOD logo. Shallow size x 4, deep size x 4, a set of carry bags that can carry them all together. We have devised a unique design that overlaps each other so that it is easy to carry.


  • For camping tableware
  • Compactly stacking tableware sets for 4 people
  • It is a design in which the shallow type and the deep type overlap exactly
  • Comes with a carry bag that can store the set together
  • Dishwasher usable and easy to clean
  • Laser engraved logo mark
  • A scale is engraved for better measurement
  • Capacity: Usasheraco (shallow type): full capacity 350 ml / Usasherao (deep type): full capacity 530 ml
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Size: Usasheraco (shallow type): (approx.) W17.5 x D12.5 x H4.5 cm / Usasherao (deep type): (approx.) W17.5 x D12.5 x H6.5 cm
  • Weight (including accessories) : 955g