DoD Tiger-version T-shirt

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Complete your yearly DoD Zodiac Tee collection! DoD wants you to make plenty of special memories during the year. With that in mind, they made a zodiac logo T-shirt that changes every year. This year, the fourth year, has the coolest design featuring the Tiger. You can wear it all year round in dark gray, which is easy to match. 


  • Brand: DoD
  • A large tiger logo is printed on the back! 🐯
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Logo is carefully embroidered and has an exciting design on both the front and back.
  • Available in one color, gray
  • It combines all three major elements of "not twisting," "not transparent," and "long-lasting,"
  • A design that will definitely stand out
  • It's a perfect T-shirt to commemorate and give as a gift
  • With original DoD tag on inner collar
  • Size: 110, 130