DoD Sotone No Kiwami

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A self-inflating inflatable mat for those who want to sleep well outdoors.
Urethane is luxuriously 10 cm thick on the elastic surface fabric that wraps around the body. Filling with air will create a mattress elastic as an outdoor mat. It also comes with a wave-shaped pillow that can be adjusted in height, creating an environment that makes you feel as if you are sleeping at home. Each mat and pillow comes with a cover and can be washed, so you can always use it cleanly.
It is a premium camping mat for those who do not want to compromise on the sleeping environment even though it is outdoors, and want to sleep as well as at home.

Product Highlights:

  • Brand: DoD
  • Comfortable to wrap around your body
  • Polyester (polyester and cotton blend fabric) is used for the sheets of the camp mat feeling of sticking to the skin
  • Available in 3 sizes to fit your tent
  • Super thick support allows you sleep comfortable
  • Comes with one pillow with an air pump function that can be used when you want to add air to the mat body.
  • Automatic air valve, it expands automatically when the valve is opened
  • Size: W80 x D208 x H10 cm, W91 x D23 x H23 cm (storage) (S) / W115 × D208 × H10cm, W60 x D30 x H30 cm (storage) (M) / W138 x D208 x H10 cm, W70 x D31 x H31 cm (storage) (L)
  • Weight: 4.6 kg (S), 6.3 kg (M), 7.5 kg (L)