DoD One Pole Tent Table

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Make the one-pole tent a more relaxing space. It is a table that can be installed so as to surround the pole in the center of the one-pole tent. You can make good use of the center of the tent, which tends to be a dead space, and use the inside of the tent comfortably. It's easy to install and clean up, so you can quickly clean up the table at bedtime and use the tent extensively.


  • Material Frame: Aluminum alloy, Top plate: MDF
  • Can be installed in the middle of a one-pole tent
  • Large size that everyone can surround
  • Move immediately when not needed. Easy installation and tidying up
  • Height adjustment function
  • Stable design with 6 legs
  • Leg folding
  • Can be used as a shelf
  • Easy to install with magnet
  • Size: Diameter 90 cm x Height 29.5 cm / 35 cm / 41.5 cm
  • Storage size: W91cm x D45cm x H8cm
  • Weight: 4.7 kg
  • Static load capacity: 30kg