DoD LED Solar Popup Lantern

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LED solar pop-up lantern, it is a solar rechargeable type, it can be charged without permission if left outside. 2WAY specification that can be charged via USB without batteries. Moreover, it is waterproof to withstand sudden rain. It is a "LED lantern that can be left unattended" for inadvertent campers who can safely leave it outside.

  • It will generate / store electricity by solar charging
  • Water resistant specifications
  • Minimal size and high power light
  • Switching between white and warm colors with 4 modes
  • The LED solar lantern has a pop-up structure that can be assembled by picking up a silicon squirt
  • 2WAY specification as a flashlight
  • Long-press power supply prevents erroneous operation
  • Carabiner hook hanger
  • USB charging function
  • Overcharge prevention function
  • Maximum continuous lighting time 80 hours
  • Power supply: AA batteries
  • Size: Installment - 8.5cm x 11cm / Storage - 8.5cm x 6cm
  • Weight: 0.2kg