DoD Cooking King Table

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"I don't have that, I don't have this. I don't know where I put it."
A kitchen table in a campsite that is different from the kitchen in my familiar home. The cooking utensils are scattered all over the place, and the camp food prepared with great effort cannot be left. You've never had that experience. Good news for you. With this Cooking King, you can solve such problems in no time. A neatly lined kitchen tool. Organized tableware. On the 120 cm spacious top plate, you can arrange as many cooking utensils and ingredients as you need, and your hands will grow naturally like in the usual kitchen. If you store things you don't need or don't want to see on the shelves, the area around the counter will be refreshing. With this cooking king, camping food is at your disposal.


  • Material: Frame, lantern stand: Aluminum alloy, Fabric: Polyester (PVC coating), Top plate: MDF, Steel, Shelf plate: MDF
  • All-in-one kitchen
  • Storage shelves that can be neatly organized
  • Wide cooking space
  • Hybrid top plate of heat-resistant mesh & decorative board (MDF)
  • Burner stand
  • Lantern hanger
  • Kitchen tool hanger
  • Size: Body: (approx.) W120 x D48 x H58 / 77 cm | Burner stand: (approx.) W57 x D52 x H61 cm
  • Storage size: Body: (approx.) W61.5 x D9.6 x H50.5 cm | Burner stand: (approx.) Diameter 9.5 x Length 61 cm
  • Other features: Storage shelf size: (approx.) W50 x D40 x H58cm | Storage shelf capacity: (approx.) 116L
  • Static load capacity: Body: 30kg | Burner stand: 20kg | Storage shelf: 5kg | Lantern hanger: 1kg
  • Weight: Body: (approx.) 6.8 kg | Burner stand: (approx.) 1.3 kg