DoD Badminton Set

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Badminton is a popular picnic and camping activity. You can have fun with just the racket and shuttle, but just having a net enhances the gameplay and makes it much more fun.

Product Highlights:

  • Brand: DoD
  • All in one set
  • Same net height as official rules
  • With LED shuttle that shines in the rainbow

Product Specification:

  • Color: Beige
  • Size: (Approx.) W296 x D28 x H155cm
  • Storage size: (Approx.) W68 x D28 x H13cm
  • Weight (including accessories): (Approx.) 3.4kg
  • Material: 
    • Net, Shuttle: Polyethylene
    • Pole: Polycarbonate
    • Carry Case: Polypropylene
    • Racket: Steel
    • Ground Marker: Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Accessories: Badminton racket x 2, ground marker x 4, shuttle x 1, LED shuttle x 1, badminton net x 1