Aqua Lung HydroFlex 3mm Men’s Super-Stretch Wetsuit

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The HydroFlex 3mm wetsuit features super-stretch neoprene, stretching up to 250% more than standard neoprene, providing added comfort in the water as well as when taking the wetsuit on and off. In addition to the stylish, coral-reef inspired design, the HydroFlex 3mm wetsuit provides exceptional performance for comfortable underwater exploration.


Environmentally friendly features: 3mm high quality non-petroleum-based neoprene uses a PAH free formula

Flatlock stitching for comfort against bare skinV-shaped collar for better comfort

Laminated chest panel for wind and abrasion resistance

O-ring seals on the wrist and ankles to limit water entry

Powertex knee panels allow excellent abrasion resistance with the added bonus of increased flexibility

Printed design on the shoulders to protect against abrasion from the BC

Printed design on the wrist to help keep dive computers in place

Loop on the zipper for ease of opening and closing

Thickness: 3mm

Neoprene: Super-Stretch (3mm)

Zipper: Heavy Duty #10

Knee pads: Powertex Reinforced Rubber

Seams: Flatlock

Colors: Black/ Blue and Black/ White

Size: Mens S, M, ML, L, XL