Aqua Lung Ergo High Grip, 3mm Sock

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Protect your feet in all conditions with socks. We’ve designed this one to be worn comfortably with a wetsuit or drysuit: it adds a layer of warmth in cold waters and prevents blisters while wearing open-heel fins.

The Aqualung Ergo High Grip socks also protects your feet from scrapes and stings when wading in and out of the water during shore dives.

Best Fit
There’s no baggy, unused material due to the right and left foot-specific designs. The Ergo socks fit smoothly for warmth and sensation.

Silicone print on the sole prevents slipping to help you keep your balance while geared up.

Glued and blind-stitched seams prevent water from entering. The high top gives you room for overlap with your wetsuit, and 3mm-thick neoprene provides effective insulation.

The elastic-bound cuff keeps seams from fraying after repeated use and plenty of abuse.

Material : Silicone Print, Neoprene, Nylon
Weight : 0.5 Lbs (0.25kl)

Sizes: XS, S, M


Men’s (US)                  Women’s (US)

5-6                  XS                  7-8
6-7                  SM                 8-9
8-9                 MD                 10-11