Aqua Lung Caravelle Fullfoot Junior

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With a forgiving blade ideal for long snorkeling sessions–and suitable for diving – the Caravelle is an easy choice for warm water trips. The specially formulated blade material is lightweight, delivering the power of a larger fin, and its supple, anatomical foot pocket is easy to slip on and off.


The Caravelle is an incredibly comfortable and lightweight fin with the power and efficiency of many larger and heavier fins. The key to its power is the specially formulated blade material that provides additional thrust at the end of every kick!

Lightweight, full-foot pocket fin

Super soft and comfortable foot pocket for hours of snorkeling fun!

Made from thermoplastic material, providing extraordinary elasticity and snap

Fin blade extends below the heel for improved leverage and power transmission

Extended fin blade also reduces stress on the arch by transferring blade forces to the heel

The thin but strong fin blade is completely bordered in rubber providing maximum active and passive protection

Colors : Metallic Blue, Neon Yellow, and Silver
Sizes : Euro 28/29,  30/31,  32/33